When the ‘A team’ just clicks…

When you’re an aftersales or service manager in the automotive world, or perhaps a small business owner or franchise manager in our industry, every now and again you should feel a beautiful moment where the team just ‘clicks’ and the world feels right. In this moment, the weight lifts and all the effort behind the click is smothered in a fulfilling sense of satisfaction. The work pays off and it all makes sense.

Better than awards or bonuses, that feeling may well be the highlight of your career in the automotive game. We are often drawn in by a passion for cars (or trucks) themselves, but the click soon becomes the end-game when you’re in a position of responsibility.

Every successful workshop runs on a million little things done well, and has an ‘A team’ of people making them happen every minute they’re at work (and sometimes even when they aren’t). That click moment comes when each member of the A team is working to the best of their capacity together, everyone playing their own important part in achieving a shared output, index score or profit – whatever it is that represents success in their business, and often all of these together.



This doesn’t mean that an automotive A team needs necessarily to be packed with the most highly trained, highly experienced staff imaginable – in fact, that often creates its own challenges and can make the click harder to achieve.

Every workshop with an A team we’ve ever been involved with rather is made up out of stakeholders with compatible skill sets, levels of experience and personalities. When they understand their role, and can see how everyone involved contributes to achieving shared goals together, motivation and dedication very often become more valuable than anything else. There can’t be an A team without this common ground, and there definitely can’t be the click moment we all crave.

Building that A team it is damned hard, and keeping it is even harder. Finding the right people to work together for that click moment is a real challenge, and it won’t keep happening if your team members don’t understand what they are a part of.

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