Who are we?

Who are we? 

Techs On The Move is an automotive agency based in Sydney. Our primary focus is on connecting automotive technicians seeking short work assignments with managers that need skilled temporary workers in their busy workshops. This business model is often called ‘labour hire’, though we prefer to think of it as ‘on-demand’, because our technicians are qualified and experienced tradespeople that bring a professional approach to their work.

The goal of our on-demand business model for our technicians is simple:

We want to empower confident automotive technicians to work when they want, to focus on the job they love without the politics, and to earn a better living than the open market offers.

We’ve been in automotive for decades, and we’ve talked to hundreds of motor mechanics about what makes them tick. We know they often don’t get paid like they should. We know the hours technicians are forced into under conventional employment structures can make a work/life balance hard, and we know that it’s hard sometimes to stop workshop politics and pressures from impacting the love of the job itself. Our technicians have the chance to break free from these shackles.

Techs On The Move began as an international technician resourcing agency, and indeed we are still active in this space. Australia’s shortage of skilled technicians is a sad reality, and as a nation it has been historically very important to bring tradespeople from overseas to help meet this challenge. Our many years of experience doing this, focusing mostly on techs from the United Kingdom and South Africa, have made us very good at understanding people’s goals and ambitions and working with them to help bring it all together. We have never been recruiters, cutting straight to the nearest pay cheque. We really do care, and our reviews back that up.