On-demand in Australia

On-demand in Australia

Australia’s automotive workshops offer incredible opportunity for those willing to think differently about the work that they do and how they can maximise the benefit of their skills. You won’t find this opportunity in online jobs boards though, or any other place people talk about ‘jobs’.

Think about all of the thousands of workshops out there that have even 1 hoist empty today, this week or this month because a regular employee is on holiday, is away sick or caring for a family member, or is on training. Or maybe where someone has been hired to start work soon but they need to serve their notice first, or perhaps that new permanent employee hasn’t even been found yet but the work is piling up. In every single case, that temporarily empty hoist is a total waste – no income for the business, no help to the workshop’s lead times for customers waiting for service and repair, and more stress for everyone else to deal with as a result.

That is where Techs On The Move comes in. We offer automotive technicians to our clients for short work assignments on demand to fill these gaps. We call this ‘on-demand’ because our technicians are qualified and experienced tradespeople that bring a professional approach to their work. Fully supported by Techs On The Move’s experienced consultants, our techs go into workshops like rockstars to make an instant positive impact, challenge themselves in new environments and pick up new skills along the way, and move on to the next gig.

In return, we offer market leading hourly rates – much higher than the industry standard – and the chance for our techs to work when it suits them. There’s no such thing as a standard work week, and there’s no need to get bogged down in workshop politics.

If you’re a confident, skilled and reliable technician prepared to back yourself and become part of something revolutionary in automotive, you’ve got nothing to lose by registering your interest with us and seeing what we can do together.