Motor mechanic jobs with a twist

Are you looking for a new motor mechanic job but only seeing the same old options? Maybe you’re keen to see what automotive technician jobs are out there but none of them really fit you? We’ve heard plenty of that over thousands of conversations with frustrated mechanics over the years, and our on-demand services might just be the solution.

Techs On The Move offers qualified and experienced motor mechanics the chance to carry out short work assignments in workshops that need temporary help. Our technicians:

  • Work when they want to work
  • Earn high hourly rates well over the industry standard
  • Avoid the politics that can be a distraction from being a good mechanic

Our technicians (we call them Rockstars – in town for a few days and off to the next gig) can be employed by us or subcontract to us through their own businesses. They need to be confident in their ability, able to get around from job to job reliably, and have great communication skills so our clients can enjoy awesome customer service.

We need our Rockstars to think and act like pros, and we respect the amazing work they do. That’s why we pay so well.

We focus on motor mechanic jobs in Sydney and Brisbane, and all you have to do to find out more is contact us here .

Please be aware that we are only able to work with motor mechanics in our on-demand services who are either Australian citizens or permanent residents.